At the WSO Charity, our work is focused on: 

  • Awareness raising through intersectoral partnerships and cultural humility training for agencies to effectively serve Sikh populations
  • Building capacity in Sikh communities across Canada, especially in regions with growing Sikh populations 
  • Creating opportunities for seva, to positively impact our local communities 
  • Developing and delivering initiatives and programs that address ongoing and emerging issues for Sikhs in Canada 
  • Initiatives focused on Sikh youth to thrive through mentorship and leadership development 
  • Empowering Sikh women to actively participate and engage in politics and help shape the future of our nation.
  • Educate about racial prejudice and discrimination through seminars and training on religious accommodation and equity to the general public.
  • Organize and implement conferences, workshops or training about online hate, racism and discrimination.

We run many initiatives such as the Sikh Youth Leadership Institute, the Sikh Family Helpline, One Billion Rising, Sikh Mentorship Program and more.

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