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At the World Sikh Organization of Canada Charitable Trust, we endeavor to:

  • To provide education, counselling and other support services for immigrants and refugees in need.
  • Provide language instruction, employment training, job search programs, translation services and information programs on Canadian culture and life.
  • Organize leadership training programs to teenagers and adults.
  • Put together workshops and lectures on life skills, such as self-esteem, confidence, problem solving and communication to people of all ages.
  • Provide food and clothing to individuals or families who are in need through One Billion Rising. 
  • Educate about racial prejudice and discrimination through seminars and trainings on religious accommodation and equity to the general public.
  • Organize and implement conferences, workshops or trainings about online hate, racism and discrimination.

We also work hard to make a difference through our community initiatives such as the Sikh Youth Leadership Institute, the Sikh Family Helpline, One Billion Rising, the Sikh Mentorship Program and more.